Monday, November 14, 2011

Mrs. Hyde's Heavenly Pies

I didn't intend to become a baker. I have been an insurance professional for twenty years and most of our household food was not cooked by me. I've seen how much work goes into food preparation and shunned it. I just wanted a place to go for coffee, chat with a friend and have a good piece of pie. Sound's like a small thing - until I began looking for the place with pie on their menu.

There is not a single bakery/cafe in respectable driving range selling pie.

That was the beginning of an idea that would not go away. I forgot how much I loved baking when I was much younger. It was a sleeping gift. After all, to bake is to eat and get fat. Yet, this community pie lack persists. I've picked up store bought pies and taken them to friends to share. They were mediocre at best.

I finally decided to bake a few pies last year and discovered the joy of handmade crusts made without nasty hydrogenated oil that the human body cannot digest. Coconut oil, organic butter, organic everything! Oh my! I'm ruined now! I must bake now and solve the problem of pie-less-ness among us.

My first pies were organic fresh pumpkin. I never knew pumpkin pie could be so heavenly!

Still, I stalled. I need a shop where I can bake and not have to schlup pies around. I need the funding to start it up. To own a business is to marry it. Those were my excellent reasons to procrastinate. Yet, this will not go away.

It's small beginnings but I'm baking now. Because there is are no providers of pies made with organic foods...except me.

You can buy an inexpensive pie at the grocery store. They are ALL made with hydrogenated oil in the crust and a load of preservatives. I know pie isn't health food - but it doesn't have to be bad for you.

Here are the ingredients in my crust:

Organic flour,organic butter,organic coconut oil , unprocessed cane sugar,purified water,organic apple cider, kosher salt

I search the web, cooking light and other places for recipes then I develop my own organic version. No artificial sweeteners. No bad stuff. All yummy!

I'm just starting, so my packaging and marketing is not slick. It's all about the pie.

Want one? Tell me when and where by FB message.

November pies:

Organic pumpkin ginger coconut

Organic spiced pumpking (more traditional)

Maple Bourbon Pecan

Organic Maple Apple Cranberry

$25 for a 10".

This week I'll experiment with 5" deep dish pans and let you know how those come out.

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  1. I've been working again in the insurance world. Money is required to support my habit of eating and sleeping in an air conditioned home.

    The pie's are on pause. :-(